Get to Know Your Team


Questions to Help You Get to Know Your Team

If you've landed here it's likely because you've already been learning about what it means to manage a team of individuals. The questions below are designed to help you get to know your team members.

Keep this list of questions in your back pocket as a guide to use in for example 1:1's.

Get to know your team members:

  • What are their values, goals, professional ambitions, likes, and dislikes?

  • How do they prefer to communicate? Receive recognition or feedback?

  • Is your management style effective for each of them?

  • Where do their individual styles impact the group or team performance? (think positive contributions as well as areas for growth)

  • Do your team members understand the impact of their interpersonal communications?  

  • Do your team members know your opinion on the value of their work?

  • Do they know the value each of their team members brings to your team goals and work?

  • Do they know your personal management style? Have you codified and communicated your style and preferences to the questions above?

  • What is your team culture (norms and behaviors) around:

    • Conflict and resolving conflict? Is conflict seen as good or bad? Are their behavioral patterns for resolution amongst themselves or do you need to get involved?

    • Recognition and celebrating success? Does it drive productivity?

    • Taking risks and making mistakes? Does it align with regulatory, compliance or innovative needs for success?

    • Communicating with one another around expectations, styles, and preferences? Does it allow for understanding and meaningful connections?

    • Motivation and accountability? Is it making everyone as productive as they can be?

Extra questions to identify work style, habits and routines

Reviewing Habits and Routines
Use the list of questions below as a guide to help identify habits and routines:

  • What is your preferred routine at work?

  • Do you like to read through your email first thing in the morning or do you prefer to jump right into your most challenging task to get it done as quickly as possible?

  • When do you like to have breaks?

  • How does you work day typically flow?

  • How do your habits and prefered routines fit in with your role and responsibilities and the culture at your company?

  • What are your habits around goal setting and sticking to goals? To you need outer accountability to stick to goals or is inner accountability enough?

  • A new job is a perfect opportunity to assess what routines and habits are working for us and which are not. What work habits and routines would you like to improve/take up/change in your new job?

  • What habits would you like to change and improve? What habits work well and what habits do not work so well in your new work environment?

Reviewing your Personality and Work Style
Use the questions below to help you identify personality and work style. 

  • How does your personality affect how you prefer to work?

  • How do you feel your personality affects how you communicate with your colleagues?

  • How does your personality impact the challenges or opportunities you face in your career?

  • Describe how you are affected by the personalities of your team members? Do your co-workers personalities affect how you communicate with them and how you find common ground and understanding on topics with them?

  • How do you make important decisions at work?

  • How do you like to receive positive and negative feedback?

  • How do you ask for help, questions or clarification?

  • How do you like to check-in on progress?

  • How do you prefer to set goals and key performance indicators?

  • How do you report on results to your manager and other stakeholders?

  • Do you prefer working on tasks alone or do you like working together as a team?

  • What helps you stick to your goals?

  • What helps you stay motivated?

  • How do you prefer to be recognized at work?

  • How does the way you prefer to work fit in with your new role and responsibilities? How does your team and manager generally seem to work?

  • Are you and your manager setting goals in a way that is preferable to your work style? Do your targets have enough checkpoints and are they specific enough? How often should you check in to help you stay on track?

  • What about your workstyle has worked well for you in the past and where do you see you could make changes?


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