The Daily Challenge: The Best Version of You in 2019


"The power of positive thinking is remarkable" - Brian Tracy

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Envision 2019

Time to Read: 4 Mins

Our goals can sometimes appear challenging to achieve, but research suggests that spending time focusing on the best possible future, rather than the journey, can help you stay more optimistic and motivated while you work towards your goal.

Today, imagine your future self with the best possible outcomes in mind - this is called the “Best Possible Self” -exercise and it’s commonly used in management training and by psychologists to help develop a sense of our best selves and increase future potential.

Studies have found that imagining the best possible future for ourselves every day for a two week period increased participants positive emotions, happiness levels, feelings of optimism and improved expectations of the future.

By imagining what your best possible future would look like, you can learn about yourself and what you want. As a result, you will be better positioned to imagine your ideal future, reach your goals and increase your sense of control.

Today, take a moment to imagine what your 2019 would ideally look like.

Step 1: Start the “Best Possible Self” exercise by imagining where you will be at the end of 2019. Consider all aspects of your life (career, family, health, etc.). It is encouraged that you focus only on the future outcome rather than any obstacles that might be a hindrance along the way.

Step 2: Make a list. List your goals for the different aspects of your life i.e. career, family, health etc for 2019. Try to be as specific and detailed as possible about what an ideal future situation for each aspect would look like. Be as creative as you like - this plan is for your eyes only!

Step 3: Make a commitment. Commit to spending a few minutes a day for two weeks focusing on positive thoughts around what you will accomplish, learn and achieve by the end of 2019.

Pro Tip: When showing positive recognition, celebrating wins and giving praise, consider being as specific as possible. As with any form of feedback, being as specific as possible is the most helpful feedback for your team member.

Best Possible Self 
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