The Daily Challenge: Celebrate Failure


Failure teaches us what not to do and how to set ourselves up for success in moving forward.

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Celebrate Failure.

Time to read: 4 mins 

β€œThe only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” - Henry Ford

Almost all stories of great success start with a series of failures that ultimately lead to success.

A wide array of successful entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, athletes (and more) agree failure provides an opportunity to learn. Think J.K Rowling, Steve Jobs, and half of the widely successful entrepreneurs who have been on NPR's How I Built This.

It's not that you tripped and fell that matters, its how quickly you get up and continue on that makes a difference.

Studying failure can help us learn and evolve. Fear of failure should not paralyze us. If we view failure as a gift that helps us get better and make improvements, it becomes easier to take steps outside of your comfort zone, try new things and grow. 

Today, take a moment to consider how you view failure and how that impacts the choices you make.

Step 1: Consider how fear of failure impacts you.

  • Think of chances you have not taken and opportunities you have not pursued due to a fear of failure.

  • Think of chances you have taken despite a fear of failure.

  • Think of what you are currently letting a fear of failure stop you from pursuing

Step 2: Reflect on what it is you often fear. When you've feared failure, what specifically are you afraid of?  Is it the opinions of other people? Is it how a choice will impact your future or your finances? What causes this fear?

Step 3: Think of times when you have failed. How did it feel to fail? Was the fear of failure equal to what you felt when you failed? What have those experience taught you? What have you gained because of those experiences?

Step 4: Think you something you fear pursuing because of a fear failure. What would make you feel comfortable to pursue that something? Is it realistic that you would be able to gain that kind of comfort? If not, what would encourage you to take on your pursuit anyway?

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