The Daily Challenge: Daydreaming with intent.


Verbalizing your career dreams can help you set realistic goals.



Time to Read: 3 Mins

Imagine if you had unlimited resources and couldn't fail, where would you like your career to take you? 

Daydreaming about what you want from the future can help you figure out what success looks like and empower you to identify what it is you really want from your life and career.  

Taking a comprehensive look at your dreams and then verbalizing what you need to do to achieve those dreams is a great step in turning dreams into reality. 

Today, take a moment to let yourself imagine where your career might take you. By imagining what you might do if anything were possible, you can start to work your way into an actionable plan. 

Step 1: Imagine where you would like to be 5 to 10 years from now if there were no obstacles and you knew you could not fail. You have all the resources you might need and nothing to fear.

Step 2: Imagine where you might be from a different perspective. If you dreamed based on your potential rather than your current capabilities, would it change your dream? Based on your dream scenario, what you would like to learn and experience in your career?

Step 3: Consider what you could do today to start working towards your dream scenario. Thinking through your list above, which of these actions are easy to accomplish? What can you do to start making one of the things on your list a reality?

Pro Tip: Checking in on your dreams and your values on a regular basis can help spark ideas and make sure you are thinking about your career development strategically.

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