The Daily Challenge: Delegate tasks to let team members grow


Create space for growth.


Delegate tasks to let team members grow

Read Time: 3 Minutes

“It’s easier to just do it myself,” you might think, approaching the task, and you won’t be alone in your thinking. Research shows that people tend to be reluctant to give up control.

But by not delegating the tasks, you might be burning yourself out and robbing your team from the opportunities to grow.

Doing the work yourself might be a great short-term solution, but can become draining or impossible in the long-run, the authors in HBR argue. In the end, delegation can make a difference between a leader and an overwhelmed contributor. Delegation also creates the time for you to work on the tasks that align more closely with your unique skills; not the tasks someone else could do.

The reasons for delegating aren’t just related to the value you can contribute, or the burnout it can help you avoid. They’re also related to the development of your coworkers and team members. The more you fail to delegate, the less your coworkers and team members can learn.

Most professionals want to learn new skills, and delegation gives them this opportunity. In the result, it leads them to feel empowered, motivated, and inspired to do their best work.

Today, consider using delegation to strategically engage your team members and give them opportunities to grow.

Step 1: Reflect on the tasks you could delegate.

Step 2. Reflect on the priorities of your team members. What are their growth objectives? What are the directions for their potential promotion?

Step 3: Delegate the tasks corresponding to the growth opportunities of your team members.

Pro-tip: Consider transferring the ownership. Besides delegating the tasks, you can ask the team member to be responsible for that task or project. This will help your team members to grow autonomy and be more engaged with the task.

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