The Daily Challenge: What’s your elevator pitch?


Your pitch should prompt the sentence “Tell me more.”

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Pitch Perfect.

Time to Read: 4 Mins

If you ended up alone in an elevator with the CEO of your dream company, would you be ready to pitch yourself and your story in 30 seconds? Would your pitch prompt that CEO to say - tell me more? If your answer is “yes”-  well done! If however, your answer is “no”, don't fret, its never too early or too late to create, or fine tune your pitch.

Having a strong elevator pitch to whip out and lean back on in any given situation can save you some sweat and help you utilize every opportunity that presents itself.

A great pitch is between 30 seconds to a minute, highlights your brand and what you want to achieve while remaining flexible enough to adjust to different circumstances.

Today take 15 minutes to consider your pitch.

Step 1: What impression do you want to leave in any given situation. How do you want to come off? What do you want to highlight?

Step 2: Set a timer and write for 7 minutes. Spend 7 minutes writing out everything you would want to highlight, what is unique about you, what has lead you to where you are now, what values make you the way you are, the achievements you are most proud of and what you would want the person you are speaking too to remember about you when you part ways.

Write down feedback you have received from others - what do others appreciate about you and think you are good at? Keep writing until your 7 minutes is up and when your timer goes off, stop.

Step 3: Write your pitch. Using everything you wrote down in the previous step, write out one paragraph that would take you around 30 seconds to a minute to read. Your pitch will likely change according to the situation in which it is being used. To make writing your first draft easier, imagine a specific situation in which you are using your pitch. A good idea can be to start by thinking about the question you hope to help solve.

Pro Tip: Test and practice your pitch. Consult your friends, family, and co-workers. Ask whether them how they would rate your pitch and what impression it gives off.

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