The Daily Challenge: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired?


Don't let emotional and physical conditions prevent you from making good decisions.

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Time to Read: 3 Mins

We sometimes make poor decisions due to emotional and physical conditions like being hungry, angry/anxious, lonely, or tired. 

These conditions can significantly impact our actions, behaviors, and reactionsin a variety of situations, including situations at work (hunger is one that is especially impactful for a couple of our team members decision-making capabilities!). 

HALT is a decision-making framework that can help you make better decisions. The acronym stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired and asks that you reflect on how whether you are making a decision based on those conditions.

Use HALT to help you make better decisions and break habits.

Tip 1: The next time you are about to make a decision, ask yourself:

  • Am I Hungry?

  • Am I Angry/Anxious?

  • Am I Lonely?

  • Am I Tired?

Tip 2: HALT can help you break a habit you're committed to getting rid of it. Reflecting on habits through the HALT filter can help you break unproductive and useless habits and strengthen your willpower to help you make better decisions.  

Tip 3: Breaking habits and strengthening your willpower requires practice and intention. Reflect on how you can avoid situations where you might end up making poor decisions because you are hungry, angry/anxious, lonely or tired? How can you mitigate situations like that preemptively? (For our team, carrying a few power bars in our bags have been a real saver.)

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