The Daily Challenge: Make Feedback A Habit


Get into the habit of asking for feedback regularly.


Making it a Habit.

Time to Read: 3 Mins

Regular feedback helps you gain direction, perspective and even confidence.

By getting into the habit of regularly asking for feedback, you are demonstrating a desire to grow and increase your impact. You will also gain a better understanding of how your efforts and actions are being perceived by your manager, peers, and others in your organization.

Get into the habit of asking for and receiving regular, actionable feedback by:

  • Being proactive: Go out and ask for feedback from your manager, peers and/or stakeholders. Put time on the calendar to receive the feedback.

  • Being specific: Make it easier to get feedback by asking specific questions that warrant a specific answer. For example, "How could I have improved XYZ" or "What is one thing I did well during my sales demo? Where could I have improved?"

Today, follow the steps below to proactively solicit specific feedback on something you are working on.

Step 1: Identify something you are working, that you would like feedback on. It can be something you are currently working on, or on something recent like a presentation, a sales demo or work you handed in.

Step 2: Ask for time with whomever you want feedback from. Who do you want to receive feedback from? Feedback does not always have to come from your manager, sometimes it can also be beneficial to solicit feedback from other stakeholders or peers. Approach who you want feedback from and ask if you can schedule time with them to get feedback.

Step 3: List specific questions to ask. By listing specific questions you will increase the chances of getting the feedback you need to move forward. It also makes giving feedback a lot easier.  For example, if you want feedback on your speaking skills and flow during a sales demo you recently gave, ask for thought on specific things like your pace, your tone, and your wording.

Pro Tip: When receiving feedback, listen and ask follow up questions to clarify anything you find unclear or confusing by paraphrasing or repeating back and by asking clarifying questions.

When receiving compliments and positive feedback, dig a little deeper and ask how you could improve your strengths even more.

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