The Daily Challenge: Make It SMART


To help you stay motivated and on track, your goals should be specific and measurable.



Time to Read: 2 Mins

Goal setting theory identifies that individuals who set goals for themselves are more likely to achieve success (Locke&Latham). Setting goals provides us with direction and focus.

That said, to set effective goals that will push you and help you stay on course, there are some rules to follow; the goals need to be specific and challenging (Locke&Latham). 

A framework to help you set specific goals is the SMART goals framework. SMART goals are defined as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The framework helps you break down your goal into actionable, time-bound steps.

Today, identify a goal you could make SMART.

Step 1: Identify a goal that you are working toward.It could be a goal in your work or in your personal life.

Step 2: Consider how you could make that goal SMART.

  • Specific: how can you make it clear, concise actionable? What are the steps and goal?

  • Measurable: how can progress be tracked and measured?

  • Achievable: goals should be challenging and ambitious, but realistically achievable. How do you know yours is achievable?

  • Relevant: how is it relevant to your long-term goals, values and life plan?

  • Time-Bound: what is the target end time by when it will be achieved?

Step 3: Write down your refined goal and the steps to get there. Where can you add reminders of your refined goal and the action steps? Can you add notes and reminders to your calendar? Can you enlist support from friends, family or co-workers to help you stay accountable to your timeline?

Step 4: Define one action step to take today. It can be as small as putting a reminder on your calendar. 

Pro Tip: Keeping up your motivation for reaching your goal, especially if your timeline and goal is ambitious, can on occasion feel challenging.

To help you keep up your motivation try to imagine what reaching your goal will make you feel and enable you to do. Imagine yourself in the future having successfully reached your goal - how do you feel? How does that affect you and those around you?

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