The Daily Challenge: Make Your Decision In 60-Seconds Or Less


The ability to make thoughtful decisions quickly is often a distinguishing feature of leaders.


You Have 60-Seconds.

Time to Read: 4 Mins

A lot of decisions can be made much faster than we initially think, yet we often spend way too much time oscillating.  

This leads to inefficiencies in our workflow, procrastination and overthinking.

Indecision is like kryptonite to productivity and growth.

It's also easy to fall victim to decision fatigue and analysis paralysis. More frequently than we realize, additional information does not actually help us make better decisions. 

Great leaders are often known for their ability to make good decisions quickly. That skill does not always come naturally and may require some practice or even a set method (such as Steve Pavlina's “Is this really me”-method, where you ask whether the choice really reflects you). 

Practicing your ability to make quick decisions will help you learn to trust yourself and understand how to listen to your gut and your mind.

It will also help you see how you can be more deliberate and intentional about how you make decisions.

Today, build up your decision making muscle by making decisions in 60-seconds or less.

Note: Some decisions may require additional information and can't be decided in 60 minutes, but deciding to gather more information (and setting a clear task around that process) is in fact a decision. 

Step 1: Start with a small decision. To get your brain warmed up, and into the habit use the 60 seconds or less rule with inconsequential choices like what shoes and jacket to wear today, what to have for lunch or which podcast to listen too.

Step 2: Set a timer. Setting a timer will help you actually stick to the time frame. 60-seconds seems like a really short time, but you might be surprised by how quickly you can come up with pros and cons for a choice when you have a specific deadline.

Step 3: Categorize your choices as "good" or "bad". This will help you instantly weed out any unnecessary choices.

Pro Tip: Be intentional about making quicker decisions, practice will make feel more comfortable and confident about making quick decisions. Take some time to get to know your mindset around decision making and what you usually stops you from making quick decisions.

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