The Daily Challenge: Meeting Deadlines Is An Art And A Science


What techniques do you use to meet your deadlines?

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Crush Your Deadlines

Time to Read: 3 Mins

The key to not missing a deadline and not leaving things till the last minute lies in your habits. By creating habits and techniques that fit your workstyle, you can make sure you crush your deadlines every time.

We often don't prioritize working on certain tasks until the deadline is right there, on our doorstep.

That's when we dive into panic mode.

Finding techniques to trick yourself into starting a task earlier or being more productive when you are actually working on the task is key to helping you overcome the temptation of procrastinating.

For most of us, it comes down to mistakes around prioritization, productivity, lack of clarity around expectations or procrastination. 

Today, assess which deadly sins around deadlines you are guilty of, which tips and tricks might work for you, which ones you may already be using.

Step 1: Spend time clarifying expectations around deadlines. Make sure you understand what is expected of you and what success looks like for the task you are working on. When is it due? Is it a task that needs to be at 100% or would 80% work fine? 

Step 2: How do you like to work? Consider how you approach deadlines and tasks, do you need external accountability or is internal enough? Does checking boxes off a checklist get you motivated or do you like to use tools like Trello?

Step 3: List your tasks and assign priorities. List what tasks you need to get done and by when. Consider priorities and whether you can assign hard and soft deadlines.

Pro Tip: Assessing your workstyle is a big component to figuring out how you work and how you meet deadlines. Your workstyle has to do with your personality, you personal preferences, motivators and habits. Check out the resources below to learn more about workstyles.

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