The Daily Challenge: Plan Your Week


Set intentional objectives for the week - then make them happen!


Plan Your Week

Read Time: 3 Minutes

What would you like to accomplish this week?

When you have a clear overview of what you want to get done during the week - a clear intention - you will be in a better position to prioritize your tasks and stay productive.

Today's challenge focuses on planning your time efficiently and tracking your accomplishments.

Kick your week off by making a detailed list and plan for what tasks and projects you need to complete and set time aside for. Then make note of exactly when during the week you will work on those tasks and projects.

Step 1. Start with an overview of your week. List all the to-do´s and tasks you have for the week and any projects you need to complete this week. Take into account any meetings or deadline you already have set up.

Step 2. Prioritize and set deadlines for every to-do item. Check out different methods for prioritizing tasks such as the Eisenhower Matrix.

Step 3. Plan your schedule for each day. There are many ways to do this and what works well for someone else may not work well for you. One way to plan your day is to block off specific times to do specific items. Consider batching any similar tasks and doing them within the same time block.

Step 4. Review your day each morning and each evening. Check to see what you have coming up that day and what your schedule looks like. At the end of the day review what went as expected, and what didn't. Consider ways in which you can improve for tomorrow.

Pro Tip: Pick one productivity method to help you stay on track and stick with it for the whole week. Review your week as a whole - what worked and what didn’t? Next week, try a different method to help you stay productive.

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