The Daily Challenge: Keep A Positive Attitude


Having a positive attitude at work affects your mood and productivity, as well as the mood and productivity of your team. 


Keep a Positive Attitude

Time to Read: 3 Mins

Your attitude — positive or negative — has an impact on the outcome of situations throughout your day. While our human brains are wired to pay attention to the negative side of things (survival and all that), studies have shown that we’re better off focusing on the potential for positive outcomes. 

Positive emotions help us become more flexible and creative in the face of a challenge. They also allow us to connect with others, negotiate more effectively, and take criticism with an open mind. 

Dealing with conflict, making effective decisions, and influencing others are all easier when you are able to keep a positive attitude.

Moreover, there are financial and business benefits to staying positive: teams that maintain a 5:1 ratio of positivity to negativity in their interactions perform better and are more profitable. 

There are plenty of reasons to stay positive at work, but making the choice to stay positive when things are not going as planned sometimes doesn't really feel like a choice at all.

In fact, a consequence of our survival mechanisms is a tendency for negativity bias. This bias causes us to give more weight to negative emotions which, in turn, can lead to focusing on the negative side of things rather than the positive side.  At the moment it might not feel like a big deal, but negativity bias can get in the way of improving our performance, leadership skills, and our ability to resolve conflicts. 

Today, follow the steps below to identify negativity bias and increase positivity at work.

Step 1: Take a moment to reflect on the positive situations that have occurred in the past 24 hours. Focusing on the positive can make a difference in how you feel in your work environment. Sometimes we can get caught up in the chaos of work. In those moments consider how you can stop to appreciate the positive things, like a piece of positive feedback or something you appreciate in a coworker. 

Step 2: Reflect on any failure or mistakes that happened in that same 24 hour time period. Were you able to keep a positive attitude? What lessons were you able to learn? When everything goes according to plan, it’s only natural to stay positive, but the real value is in the ability to keep that attitude in the face of a challenge. 

Step 3: Spread your positive energy. Positive energy is a gift you can give to the people you interact with every day. When you are able to keep a positive outlook on situations and maintain a positive attitude, the people around you are more likely to do the same. 

Pro-tip: Smile frequently. This simple action can go a long way: smiling is known to trick your brain into a happier mood — and affect the mood of those around you. 

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