The Daily Challenge: Practice The Thing You Hate Doing


Practicing things we dislike doing is rarely pleasant, but will pay dividends


Practice Deliberately.

Time to Read: 3 Mins

We all have that thing we like to do less than other things...

But whether its public speaking, cold calling or writing blog posts, the thing you hate doing may be the thing you should spend a lot more time practicing. 

Improving and becoming great at something rarely happens overnight and rarely happens without persistence and effort.

The things we dislike doing are sometimes the things we feel we aren't so good at.

And for good reason. But the thing is, you won’t ever become comfortable or better unless you work at it. 

Make practice as useful as possible by practicing deliberately, with intent and a clear end goal and outcome in mind.

Practicing deliberately means:

  1. staying focused while practicing

  2. practicing when you have energy and few distractions

  3. recording what you are doing so you can repeat the process

  4. being smart about your practice by staying on target and...

  5. keeping your desired outcome in mind

It’s always a good time to start practicing. Follow the steps below to get you started today.

Step 1: Pick one thing you dislike doing but want to become better at. It can be anything, big or small as long as it’s one of the things you know you should practice and dislike doing. 

Step 2: List the reasons you dislike doing it and why you want to improve.  Is it fear of failure? Boredom? Something else? Then answer the objection(s) with a counter argument for what you will gain by improving the skill.  (Not sure how to do this? Shoot us a message and we'll get you setup). 

Step 3: Identify your first actionable step right now. What one actionable step can you take today? If you hate cold calling, because you fear rejection, today, make a commitment to make just one customer call. Or, if you fear public speaking, commit to asking a question or giving an update at your team meeting today.

Pro Tip: Learning new things and learning how to excel in something rarely happens overnight and will require more than just an action today. Setting small, attainable goals will help you stay motivated and on track. Remember to reward yourself and focus on the outcome and why you want to become better in the first place. 

Persistence and patience will pay dividends.

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