The Daily Challenge: Projecting Intelligence


 How smart you look
doesn’t always reflect how smart you are.

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How to appear as smart
as you are

Read Time: 3 Minutes

They say perception is a reality. How you look, how you behave, how you interact, and how you speak with others all have a significant impact on how you are perceived– largely independent of your actual intelligence.

To project intelligence, you need to understand how body language and speaking techniques influence the perception of you, and how to use those factors to your advantage.

You might be coming across as a very intelligent person, but it is still worth checking whether nothing hinders you from projecting your actual intelligence and experience.

While preparing for an upcoming one-on-one meeting with your manager, consider the steps below to make sure you come across as smart and experienced as you are.

Step 1:  Do the homework.Prepare for your 1-on-1 meeting so you have the time you need to reflect. Careful listening is necessary for projecting your intelligence, and it starts even before the face-to-face meeting: with you reading the meeting agenda or remembering the last feedback your manager gave you. Take the time to consider relevant information and then outline what you might want to say during the meeting.

Step 2.  Practice your speaking technique.How expressive and clear you are in your speechinfluences the image you are projecting. When you are going through the outline in Step 1, make sure you pay attention to your diction and expressiveness. 

Step 3: Practice your body language.According to research, looking people in the eyes, sitting straight, and nodding can enforce the intelligence you project with your actual speech. 

Pro-tip: Plan to listen responsively. To project intelligence, you need to do more than just following your outline blindly. Before the one-on-one meeting, remind yourself to be present in the conversation and ask questions about the specific points your manager is making.

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