The Daily Challenge: Self-Similarity in Time Management


A 24-hour chunk of your time is a reflection of how you prioritize and manage your time overall.


Self-Similarity in Time Management 

Time to Read: 3 Mins

In nature, there’s a fascinating principle called “self-similarity” that describes a phenomenon where one part of an object resembles the whole. As an example, a tiny piece of fern reflects the shape of the whole plant. 

In the same way, the choices you make and how you prioritize your time during a normal 24-hour period reflects how you make choices and prioritize your time in your life and career overall. 

Research shows that day-to-day time management is correlated to employees’ long-term success, confidence, and creativity. 

Managing your day-to-day career happiness starts with effective time management: eliminating unimportant tasks from your to-do list and using your finite minutes at work wisely.

Throughout your day, there are multiple points where you can affect your direction.  

Below are three simple steps to help you assess how you prioritize your time with daily planning, 

Step 1. Use your values to define your priorities. Consider your values and career goals. To stay true to them, what are the things that you need to be doing every day? Gretchen Rubin says, “What I do every day matters more than what I do once in a while” — this holds true from the habit-building perspective as well.

Step 2. Track your daily activities. To see what you are actually doing, think back over the past few days:

  • What have you spent your time on?

  • How value adding where the things you spent time on?

The exercise might sound simple, but its results can be more insightful than you expect. 

Step 3. Consider what you could change. Ask yourself if your current time management is setting you up for success? Have you prioritized the most important tasks? What changes could you make to  manage your time even just a little more effectively?

Pro Tip: Consider logging every activity, including browsing Facebook and getting coffee, in a journal in order to really analyze how you are spending your time

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