The Daily Challenge: Identify Your Strengths


Knowing what you are especially good at professionally can make you even better.


Identify Your Strengths

Time to Read: 3 Mins

Whether we are looking to achieve a promotion, find growth opportunities or find a sense of purpose, we can all benefit from doing the occasional self-assessment to understand our strengths. 

Identifying and reminding yourself of what makes you unique can give you a confidence boost and help you make progress toward your goals  

Self-assessment can be applied to many areas of your professional life.Research shows that conducting self-assessment improves performance in the workplace and increases self-agency. 

Start by assessing your strengths as a team member, co-worker, manager, or leader. You can also assess your strengths in a variety of professional settings: are you a strong public speaker? Are you good at managing time or clarifying priorities? Do you have a knack for motivating others? 

Today, take a few minutes to identify your strengths and spot opportunities to leverage those strengths in order to push yourself closer to your goals.

Step 1. Write down the full list of responsibilities you have in your current role.This list might include leading a project or curating content calendars. Maybe you are responsible for meeting daily targets in sales, or producing relevant content for your company’s audience. From here, add  the impact each of these responsibilities has on the organization. How do they add value? 

Step 2. Identify the strengths and skills you use within these responsibilities.What comes naturally to you? What are you especially good at? Are you a master of negotiation? Does your attention to detail bring analytics reports to another level?  If ideas are slow to appear,  consider asking people around you for feedback: why do people like working with you? What do your coworkers value and admire you for? 

Step 3. Think about where you want to grow. In what areas would you like to expand your skill set? Where do you want to learn more or increase your expertise?

Pro Tip: For the self-assessment to be effective, look both outwards and inwards, starting with your experience and finishing with your personal values and aspirations.

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