The Daily Challenge: Time Block Your Day


If choices were roads to take,
how many times a day would we find ourselves at an intersection? 

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Time Block Your Day

Time to Read: 3 Mins

Making decisions takes energy, and research shows that when you have too many choices to make, you can deplete that energy quickly. 

Task-overload is something many of us have experienced, and having too many options for how to spend our time can end up causing us to do nothing. 

Blocking your time in a thoughtful manner can reduce the number of choices you have to make each day and help you plan your time around completing the right tasks (rather than pondering which road to take!)

Here is a simple guide to use the time blocking method.

Step 1: Write down all the tasks you want to complete during your work day. Don’t forget to include your lunch break or any other necessary things that may not be work-related but need to be done during the work day. Planning in advance

Step 2: Estimate the amount of time each task is going to take to complete.Any given task might take an infinite amount of time unless you  put a cap on the amount of time you spend. Try to estimate how long it will take you to complete the items on your to do list, or specify how much time you are ready to dedicate to that item today.

Step 3. Plan your time blocks for the day. Split a piece of paper in two columns. On the left side, list the  blocks you dedicated on your calendar.  On the right hand side, assign a task to every block. Be specific here, or you’ll end up spending your time trying to figure out how to complete the task. 

Pro Tip: Add a block for unexpected tasks you might need to attend to. Flexibility is necessary for good planning, and to make sure you have time to attend to any urgent unexpected tasks, plan for them even before you know what they are.

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