Career Transitions: How to land the job you want.

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Chelsea hosted Lizzie Azzolino, Founder & Principal at Until Now, for a discussion on career transitions.

At Until Now, Lizzie brings a design thinking approach to working with leaders to create talent and culture strategies for the modern workplace.

Beyond strategy, she is an executive recruiter for companies at the intersection of design, innovation and tech. In her spare time, she’s Operations Lead for Women in Innovation, a non-profit with a mission to empower more women to be leading voices in innovation.

Episode Notes:

In this episode, Chelsea and Lizzie cover:

  • How to identify and pitch your skills and experience as transferable across industries.

  • How to show you are qualified for a role where you lack the specific responsibilities.

  • How to differentiate yourself from numerous candidates with perfect qualifications.

  • How to stand out for Tech companies when you might not have the ideal profile.