To design your company culture, start with the CEO (w/ Jennifer Peatman)

Jennifer Peatman

In this week’s episode, experienced HR leader and executive coach, Jennifer Peatman, joined Marlow CEO, Mary Fox, in discussing the importance of company culture and why the CEO and other c-suite executives need to play a key role in shaping company culture.

During our conversation, Jennifer advises how HR leaders can pull senior leaders into the conversation around culture.

Jennifer speaks to the challenges of developing an intentional company culture and provides examples for how to get ahead of these obstacles.

In this conversation, we also touch a bit on how a new HR leader can help their new organization shape culture. When new HR leaders join an organization, Jennifer recommends that these individuals first observe the culture. “First observe employees - what happens, what goes on on a daily basis. What behaviors are you witnessing? Take part in meetings. Be a super sleuth for the beginning, she says.”

From here, Jennifer recommends being an excellent observer of senior leaders. “I want you to think about observing the senior leaders. Founder, Co-Founders, c-suite employees. How do they engage with each other. How do decisions get made? Do decisions get made? ”

This episode of full of tangible advice for shaping company culture.

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About Jennifer Peatman

Jennifer Peatman is an Executive Coach working with leaders in the Technology industry (and beyond). Jennifer has spent the last 17 years coaching executives as the Head of Human Resources in multiple industries (mainly technology). She works with leaders and enables them to unlock their ability to connect with their teams, thereby improving not only the success of the leader, but improving the experience and effectiveness of their teams as well.

Jennifer has built multiple HR organizations from the ground up. She is particularly strong in building relationships, providing creative solutions that optimize recruitment, retention, performance, and organizational effectiveness.

Jennifer is known as a true business partner and executive-level advisor to business leaders on HR issues, strategies, and solutions for organizations of up to 2,000 employees in diverse, geographically dispersed, multicultural, global environments.

Jennifer has a reputation for educating, advising, and influencing senior executive teams on issues, including employee engagement and retention, manager development and coaching, talent assessment/development, new executive on-boarding, organizational development, and change management. Jennifer is an industry expert in Labor Relations, having testified before the National Labor Relations Board multiple times.

In addition to having a Bachelors of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from California State University, Chico- Jennifer holds a Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR). Two additional coaching certifications- Intuitive Business Mentorship and Mentor Masterclass.

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