Episode 11: Building a Winning Team and Team Culture (Amanda Gulino & Chelsea Seid)

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In this episode, Amanda B. Gulino, founder of A Better Monday, and Chelsea Seid, co-founder of Marlow, discuss how to build a winning team and culture that attracts and retains great team members.

The discussion covers best practices for building a winning team, including how to attract and retain diverse and high performing talent.

Building a winning team starts with identifying what the team is there to do and what the value of the team is to the business goals at large. Clarity around the team's purpose will help you build roles and job descriptions that will enable your team to achieve success.

To avoid groupthink, teams should seek out the talent of with diverse skills and experience and of diverse backgrounds.

Team culture and employer image play a significant role in hiring and retention. Finding, attracting and retaining the right talent is not easy especially and competition for talent is fierce. A great team culture and employer image require intentional effort. Businesses and teams must identify how they can make the empower experience great, starting with the recruitment process and candidate experience.