New Hire Onboarding: Achieving Digital Adoption


As part of our New Hire Onboarding series, we sat down with Brittany Rolfe Hillard and Kristian Fennessy to discuss strategies for getting your new team members up to speed on their digital tools.

About Brittany Rolfe Hillard

With a passion for people, Brittany Rolfe Hillard has spent the past 7 years creating community around technology. Currently at WalkMe, Brittany strives to create connections between companies undergoing digital transformation, to share inspiration and motivation around how to best maximize your technology investment by better empowering the human user. Through her current role, Brittany has connected with companies globally - from the Fortune 500 to the agile start-ups - to understand new hire training challenges and analyze the trends in how companies successful enable their new employees.

About Kristian Fennessy

Kristian Fennessy is a digital adoption enthusiast who continually strives to change the relationship people have with technology. As a Strategic Solution Consultant at WalkMe, Kristian works primarily with Fortune 100 companies to increase self-service adoption, accelerate training, and improve user experience across hundreds of applications. Kristian seeks to relieve the burden that technology places on organizations and unlock the benefits of utilizing software to its full potential.

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