How can I communicate better with my team?

Communication is one of the most challenging interpersonal interactions. We all have different communication styles and there are endless obstacles that can cause communication to go off the rails.

If you want to become a better communicator, it helps to break everything down into smaller pieces. What is communication? What situations are causing you to realize that your communication efforts aren’t working? When does your communication seem unclear or ineffective?

From here, you can try to adjust your communication style by learning more about how your team members prefer to be communicated with.

Identifying your team members personalities, workstyles and work habits can help you identify how your team members communicate and help you communicate more effectively.

Our personalities and other preferences significantly impact how we communicate and how we prefer to be communicated too.

Building a culture of trust will also make communication easier.

Start by getting to know your team members and identifying how their personalities affect the way the like to communicate, how the like to receive feedback and recognition.