How can I increase my impact at work?

There are many ways to increase your impact at work. Your approach to this will vary on your company's culture and norms, as well as your specific role in the company. But a great place to begin is with your stakeholders.

Start by understanding your stakeholders expectations (what do they see as most impactful?) and make sure you understand your the mission and goals of both your immediate team and the wider company. In this way, you can align your work to directly (or indirectly) add value. 

Step 1: To understand your team and stakeholders’ priorities and which part of your work has the most impact, consider the following questions:

  • What are your company's, and your team's goals and mission?

  • What are your teams and company's priorities?

  • What is most important to your team’s goals and your company’s goals?

  • How do your tasks and responsibilities align with your company, team and individual priorities?

  • What work/actions are most valuable to your goals and to your team's goals?

  • How is your work impacted by the priorities of your team and stakeholders?

  • What are your stakeholder's expectations and priorities?

From here, you need to determine if your job is simply to get in line (sometimes that's the case), or if you are intended to set strategy. For most mid-level managers, the goal is to understand the larger vision and then develop a strategy that enables your smaller team to reach that goal. In this case, you can add more impact by identifying efficient and effective ways to make a bigger impact. 

Step 2: Understand the larger goals of the organization and develop strategies to ensure that your team is moving in the right direction.