How can I increase my influence at work?

First, let’s start by defining “influence”. Influence is the ability to align others views and values with your own.

Influence is important when it comes to presenting your viewpoints or gaining buy-in at work. The challenge is that one person’s style for gaining influence may not work for another person.

To develop influence within your team or organization, consider these ingredients:

Influence is the result of emotional connection and trust. It requires relationship building and the ability to be persuasive.

Strengthening relationships will help you build emotional connections while identifying and strengthening your leadership brand can help you build up an image of trustworthiness.

Being able to present your viewpoints and arguments in a persuasive manner is another key to greater influence and getting buy-in.

Influence is built over time and often goes hand-in-hand with gaining credibility.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does influence mean to you?

  • What type of influence do you want to have?

  • What type of influence do you have now?

  • How do you plan to move forward? What are your first steps to becoming more influential?