How should I prioritize my time?

To know how to prioritize your time, you need to know what the expectations around your role and responsibilities. It’s also helpful to understand what part of your work provides the most value to your team’s mission and goals.

Consider the questions below

  • What are the company and team objectives?

  • How does your work align with the company and team objectives?

  • What are the most important tasks and responsibilities of your role?

  • Who are stakeholders in your work? Who is impacted by your work?

  • What work is considered (1) important and urgent, (2) important but not urgent, (3) not important and not urgent, (4) urgent but not important?

  • Do you know which responsibilities should be prioritized above all others?

  • Do you plan your week and your day to reflect the priority of your tasks?

Even if you were able to answer these questions without much hesitation, consider bringing them up during your next 1:1 with your manager. When it comes to aligning priorities, sometimes what we consider to be obvious can actually be an assumption. Test your assumptions to find facts.