Why do I need a mentor?

Many successful people have relied on the help of mentors to make progress in their careers. The truth is that you probably have mentors in certain areas of your career without yet realizing it. Your mentor doesn't have to be 20 years old than you. They don't have to be an expert on everything. And they don't necessarily need to be "official". 


The importance of a mentor:  Having a mentor can help you get ahead more quickly in your career by enabling you to quickly acquire information you may not have, gain a new perspective, or find introductions to new networks.  

A mentor can help you ramp up quickly on a new project, skill set, role, or team. They can also help you identify skill gaps, people you should connect with, as well as provide you with support and guidance based on their own experiences that can help you move forward more quickly. In certain situations, a mentor can also advocate for you and help champion you.

Where can you find a mentor? Sometimes a mentor will help you in a specific situation. Other times, a mentor hangs by for many years. Rather than seeking out a full-blown mentor, consider focusing on your short-term needs.

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  • Consider why you want a mentor and what benefit you think you will gain from having a mentor.

  • Depending on what your answer is you can begin to consider what kind of expertise your mentor might have.