Personalized Professional Development


Today’s professionals want personalized development than helps them get to where they need to be faster. That’s why companies are choosing Marlow.

Traditional performance coaching for professionals has been around for more than 30 years and has largely focused on senior leaders in organizations. This resource has proven incredibly valuable in helping leaders in myriad ways. It has helped senior executives become more self-aware, more confident, better communicators, better people managers, better leaders, and overall higher performers (to name just a few benefits).

Yet the style, structure, and price point of this traditional coaching model made it impossible to scale to a much larger group of managers, leaders, and individual professionals within the team.

Today’s professionals want to learn, add value, and understand where they fit into the organization’s future. Yet they are often underprepared for what’s ahead.

Providing individuals with a personalized coaching experience that aligns perfectly with their unique situation has never been more important.

With robust experience in people operations and organizational management, Marlow founders, Mary Fox and Chelsea Seid, set out to help professionals at all levels in their career identify their goals, create actionable plans, and form important new habits.

The founders recognized a need for companies to provide personalized, tailored development to individual team members at all stages of their careers.

How it works:

Your team members deserve personalized development to help them learn to navigate their unique situations. Rather than expecting our members to search for a coach who may or may not match with their style, Marlow coaches build an entirely custom coaching experience that aligns with the needs and preferences of each of their members.

Marlow is first and foremost a professional development platform that provides coaching and resources exactly when, where, and how our members need them.

Marlow’s coaches have backgrounds in people operations, are skilled in learning and development topics, and are trained to provide excellent coaching to each of our members.

Your team members will benefit from partnering with a coach trained in our proven coaching philosophy - a process rooted in design thinking, socratic questioning, and best practices from an array of coaching philosophies.

The Marlow Experience

Our members interact with their coaches through a combination of online messaging, bi-weekly phone calls, and interactive activities. They partner with their coach to build a program that works best for them. The programs are flexible and fluid — enabling each member to continue to personalize their experience as they move forward.

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Our unique approach to coaching enables us to scale this important set of resources to a much wider audience and we’re doing so with rave reviews.