People Management Workshop Series - Summer / Fall 2019

We customer our people management workshop series to meet the needs of your team.

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Each workshop will include pre-reading and exercises to introduce the topics, a brief presentation on various frameworks, styles and case studies, and moderated break-out activities and discussions to explore practical takeaways and increase team communication.

Each workshop wraps up with clear next steps to apply learning in your team member’s day-to-day interactions.

Defining your Management Style: We will begin by moving through a framework for each team member to consider their personal management style. Specifically, how do they (1) address feedback, (2) track performance, (3) show recognition, and (4) communicate with their team.

Communicating with your Team Members: the Power of Effective 1:1s: 1:1s with managers, team members, or direct reports are much more than a weekly check in on current work or projects. They are an opportunity to build strong relationships and communication channels. In this workshop, we will discuss the intention behind effective 1:1s and how to redefine communication strategies during those conversations to better serve their goals.

Time Management & Productivity: Management is a balance between your individual responsibilities or projects and the management and mentorship of others. This workshop is about proactively addressing challenges with that balance. We will discuss strategies to more intentionally go about prioritization and focus in your day. (We have a similar workshop for individual contributors)

Delivering and Asking for Feedback: Creating room for any discussion is all about personalization, trust and empathy. We will discuss a customizable framework for discussing and asking for feedback starting with (1) Discussing preferences and styles around feedback (2) Setting clear expectations (3) Communication strategies within the conversation (4) Tracking progress and following up on feedback

Leadership Strategy, Impact and Influence: A personal leadership strategy is a guiding principle for the type of leader each of your team members want to be. We will walk your team members through a framework to develop their leadership brand strategy. We will then discuss their intended impact and influence.

Managing a Team of Individuals while Developing a Cohesive Team Culture: Team culture is the identity of the team. Team culture stems from the norms and behaviors of the individuals within the team. Culture can be shifted over time as individuals shift their behaviors. As leaders we will discuss how to build a culture strategically around their team's purpose and goals while leaving space to best manage each of their individuals.